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At Screentech we can personalise all types of garment with our specialist embroidery and screen printing service.

Embroidery is considered the most professional way to display a design. Embroidered logos create a great impression and is the method of choice by many companies. Because thread has physical dimension, an embroidered logo ends up being three dimensional and because the embroidery thread used is coated and has a natural sheen, the colours really stand out.

Advantages of embroidered workwear

  1. Look professionalHaving employees wear a branded uniform, even if it’s a more casual polo shirt, will cause your workforce to automatically appear more professional and like a team. It also shows potential clients that you have put time and effort into your team’s appearance, and are serious about what you do.
  2. Build camaraderieIf everyone in your workplace, or on your sports or hobby team, is wearing an outfit with the same embroidered logo on it, it will automatically improve team spirit and create solidarity between them.
  3. Helps customers to easily identify employeesIf a customer or client needs to locate a team member to ask a question or for assistance, they will be easily spotted due to their branded workwear.
  4. Display contact detailsHaving a business phone number or email address embroidered onto staff or team uniforms makes it easy for potential customers and interested parties to get in touch with your business.
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